The internet is essential for businesses today whether simply receiving emails and browsing the web, using VOIP systems to replace conventional phone systems or accessing central resources from remote locations.  

We can help with sourcing or troubleshooting internet connectivity as well as email systems and helping you make your mark on the worldwide web by registering domain names and hosting your web site.

In partnership with Talk Internet I can offer a full range of internet connectivity options - from 'standard' ADSL and FTTC/P circuits up to leased lines and MPLS services.

One reason I work with Talk Internet is that when I report a problem as a reseller I am talking directly to their engineers in the UK and not a call centre which makes it much easier to get to the bottom of a problem.

Where adequate fixed line broadband is not available I can help you explore other options such as an independent wireless ISP.

Your domain name is your identity on the Internet. Having a domain name specific to your business gives a more professional appearance to your web presence and Email communications as well as being more memorable. We can register and manage domain names (subject to availability) and, if necessary, set up Email accounts and mailboxes for you.  Even if you have an existing web site or Email accounts we can link your new domain names to these to ease the transition.