We support all types of home users with friendly and understandable advice.

We support businesses of all sizes, from home based businesses to small businesses with tens of machines.

We are also available to provide support on behalf of enterprise IT support departments who need support for remote offices and home based staff. 

While they are working PCs are wonderful, but when they go wrong it can be a nightmare to get to the bottom of the issues.  

With a background that encompasses both electronics and programming we can diagnose both hardware and software issues and restore normal operation.

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  • Malware removal
  • Blue screens / crashes
  • Performance issues
  • Hard drive failures
  • New PC Setup & installation
  • PC Upgrades & Migration

Connectivity is an essential part of IT today, from a single PC accessing the internet to Multiple sites with several PCs all linked into a single interconnected whole.

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  • Internet Access
  • Wireless networking
  • Wireless links
  • Network Cabling 
  • Inter-site VPN

We work across a wide variety of equipment from different vendors but when we need to supply equipment and services we use a few carefully chosen vendors that represent value for money and technical quality.

Some of the vendors we use are:

  • AVG Antivirus (Reseller)
  • Talk Internet (Reseller)
  • Microsoft Cloud solutions Partner
  • Mikrotik (Routers & Wireless)
  • Solwise - Engenius & Senao wireless equipment
  • Ingram Micro (Reseller)

There is a world of software that isn't windows...

The free and Open source (FOSS) software movement provides an alternative IT infrastructure that is not beholden to large corporations but exists due to the efforts of volunteers and companies that freely donate time and resources to developing the software.

For many years this was viewed as a 'Geek' niche area but the software has now moved to a level of maturity that makes it more of a mainstream option.  In fact many items of consumer hardware are using FOSS as their underlying software.

  • Linux
  • Libre Office
  • Zenoss
  • MythTV

I have come across many useful pieces of software so here is a list.  Be aware that some of these may be quite technical and I can't take any responsibility for any damage you do to your system by using this software.   The software is believed to be virus free (at the time when the links are inserted) but it is strongly recommended that you virus scan any software downloaded from any web site.

Malware removal

  • AVG
  • Malwarebytes
  • Hijack this
  • Ubuntu Rescue Remix (Boot disk)


  • Crystal disk info (SMART data)
  • Nirsoft (password recovery)
  • PRTG (Network monitoring)
  • Zenoss (Network Monitoring)