What I do - I fix IT problems...

That's it plain and simple - I won't try and sign you up to a services agreement, sell you replacement systems or tell you that everything needs replacing - unless it REALLY does!

With over 20 years in IT working in corporate IT and latterly supporting SOHO and SME businesses I have a breadth and depth of experience.

Whether it is a Poorly PC, Sluggish Server or Network that is more like a notwork, I will (usually) fix the problem, offer unbiased advice and help you make the best use of your IT resources.

Some of the areas that I can help with are listed below, but there are many things that don't fit neatly into categories so please call me if you can't see what you need.

The three things to do are: 


SHUT THE MACHINE DOWN - using the power button if necessary


Please call the office on 0011324374 586373809210711 12o13r14 15f16o17r18 19u20r21g22e23n24t25 26q27u28e29r30i31e32s33 34035736837538039 40841942743 44945746547

 For more details on the areas that I deal with please explore the site.

(This site is in the process of being updated...)